Scavenger Hunt Leads Kids To Surprise Puppy

This is the adorable moment four siblings discover a puppy as an early Christmas present at the end of a surprise scavenger hunt created by their parents. Andrew and Trena Nelson, from Idaho, USA, set up the game for their children Jordan, 11, Paige, aged nine, and twins Boston and Melanie both aged four. While the kids were told to wait in one room, Trena went out to pick up the Chihuahua puppy and Andrew worked on the scavenger hunt clues, placed throughout the house. The four children expertly work together to figure out each clue, excitedly running to the next location before they reach the final clue telling them to go to the garage. When they open the door, they see a box waiting for them with the lid loosely ajar, and the cute dog pops her head out the box sending the children into joyous disbelief.
Release Status:
TV & Digital
Location: Kuna, Idaho, USA
  • Date Acquired12-17-2018
  • Date Filmed12-09-2018
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Scavenger Hunt Leads Kids To Surprise Puppy


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