Baby Reacts To Hearing Spanish For First Time

An adorable baby has gone viral thanks to her stunned reaction to hearing her auntie speaking Spanish for the first time. The look on baby Oakley’s face was one of hilarious confusion as she looked at her auntie, Carolina Machado, 20, speaking in a language she’d never heard until now. Oakley's mom, Skyler Biggs, 20, shared the video online where it quickly racked up more than a million views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Skyler, from Orlando, Florida, said she found her six-month-old baby’s reaction hilarious and had to share the moment. Carolina is not Oakley’s biological aunt but has been Skyler’s best friend since freshman year of high school and is like part of the family. During the moment, which took place on May 6, Oakley was in a Greek restaurant in Tampa with Carolina, who decided to tell her how beautiful she was in Spanish.
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Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Date Acquired05-26-2021
  • Date Filmed05-06-2021
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Baby Reacts To Hearing Spanish For First Time


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