Dad With Quadriplegia Lifts Giggling Daughter For First Time

A dad with quadriplegia has gone viral after a video of him lifting his giggling baby daughter under his own strength for the first time received millions of views. Due to his condition, 44-year-old Struan Kerr-Liddell was worried that he might not be able to bond with his daughter, Isla, in the same way as other fathers. Struan was injured in 1999, playing rugby in Edinburgh, Scotland. He dislocated his neck at his c5/c6 vertebrae, causing his quadriplegia. Struan then met his now-wife, Nicole, 30, 18 years later, when Nicole was studying at the University of Edinburgh. When Isla was born, Struan initially struggled, Nicole said, as he could not help out with diaper changing, bathing, and feeding. Over time the couple found new ways for dad and daughter to bond, and on May 2, when Isla was around six months old, Struan decided to try and pick his daughter up. The couple didn't really know what to expect, Nicole admitted, but using a Snugglbundl carrier, Struan was able to initially lift his daughter a few inches off the ground under his own strength.
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Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Date Acquired07-05-2021
  • Date Filmed05-02-2021
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Dad With Quadriplegia Lifts Giggling Daughter For First Time


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