Puppy Confused Why Robin Won't Budge From Perch

This is the moment a brave robin refused to get in a flap when it became the focus of attention for an excited puppy. The popular winter garden visitor perched on some patio furniture but when inquisitive 18-month-old cockapoo Mia decided to say hello the red-breasted bird stood defiant. Despite almost coming nose to beak and facing a few excited yaps, the little robin was unfazed by Mia who wasn’t sure what to do next. Male robins are known to be fiercely territorial, and the species is a much-loved garden visitor because of their willingness to approach humans. The birds have also become a popular Christmas card favorites since the 19th century being often depicted in snowy scenes. Mia the cockapoo and her new avian friend were filmed on November 25 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in the UK. Davie Welsh shared the video of this amazing encounter online where it has had a huge reaction. Davie, 63, is the granddad of Mia’s owner, eight-year-old Ava Dew, who lives with Mia and her mum and dad in Harrogate. **NO UK LICENSING**
Location: Harrogate, UK
  • Date Acquired12-06-2021
  • Date Filmed11-25-2021
  • OrientationSquare
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing
Tags:  robin , bird , puppy , dog , bark , harrogate , yorkshire

Puppy Confused Why Robin Won't Budge From Perch


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