Kid Who Aced Studies Surprised With Xbox For His Birthday

A hard-working nine-year-old had a wholesome and tear-filled reaction when his parents surprised him with an Xbox – a gift that was two years in the making after he focused hard on his studies. Rehan Rawal had been telling his parents for the last couple of years that he really wanted the games console, but they both emphasized that his focus should really be on his school work. During that time, Rehan put all of his efforts into his studies, also focusing on his after-school activities and his love of baseball. This Christmas, however, Rehan's list was extra short, consisting simply of "Xbox" and "baseball stuff." Since he had performed so well in his studies, Rehan's mom, Chilka, 40, from Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, decided to Google the consoles. On December 10, the nine-year-old entered his family's living room before school, where he came across a tied black trash bag. As soon as Rehan had opened the bag, he knew exactly what was staring back at him. In complete shock, the youngster welled up, putting his hands on his head and walking around the room in disbelief.
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Location: Bergen County, New Jersey, USA
  • Date Acquired12-17-2021
  • Date Filmed12-10-2021
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Kid Who Aced Studies Surprised With Xbox For His Birthday


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