Dog on 20-Hour Car Journey Gets Excited When He Realizes He's Visiting Grandparents

An Australian cattle dog on a 20-hour journey across the U.S. has gone viral after his owners recorded his excitable reaction to finding out he was set to visit his ‘grandpawrents’. When owners Skylar and Deko (pronounced: dEko) Devins told pooch Nosh (pronounced: näSH) that he was set to visit his "grandpawrents," he immediately started squealing with excitement and shifted around in the back of the car. Skylar, 25, had just finished medical school at Creighton, in Phoenix, Arizona, and is set to begin a residency at Kansas University Media Center, where she is from. She and Deko, 27, were moving from Arizona back to their hometown of Kansas City, and on the long drive the couple wondered how they would break the news to Nosh, who adores Skylar's parents, having lived with them when he was first adopted. When Skylar's parents would visit the couple in Arizona, they would also bring treats and toys for Nosh, keeping up a loving bond. In the wholesome video of the news being broken to Nosh, Deko can be heard asking Nosh if he wants to visit "Savta and Boppa" – Savta being Hebrew for "grandma," and Boppa is what Skylar's nieces call their "grandpa." The couple captured the moment on April 25, and, to date, it has been viewed more than 20 million times on social media. Credit: Skylar Devins / T&T Creative Media
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Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Date Acquired05-03-2022
  • Date Filmed04-25-2022
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing
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Dog on 20-Hour Car Journey Gets Excited When He Realizes He's Visiting Grandparents


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