Military Granddaughter Surprises Grandma On Family Vacation After 3 Years Apart

A grandma was left screaming in shock on her birthday when her military-serving granddaughter flew in to surprise her during a family vacation after three years apart. Grandmother Iona, 77, thought her birthday surprise was a visit to a relaxing hotel in the Caribbean with all her family – but little did she know there was one more surprise in store. Iona lives in St. Maarten, part of the Dutch Caribbean, and as she was shown around the hotel room on her native island, she admired the accommodation and took a seat in an armchair. But then, in the corner of the room, a door flung open and out came Iona's granddaughter Giana Copeland – who goes by Gigi – who she had not seen since 2019. As soon as the realization hit that her granddaughter was in a room with her once more, Iona let out a huge scream before crying on her granddaughter's shoulder. Gigi, 23, is currently stationed at Aviano Air Base in Italy with the United States Air Force, and before that she was based in Texas, meaning she had not seen her grandmother for three years. Having started to feel home sick and being granted leave, Gigi contacted her aunt to ask if it might be possible to plan a big family surprise for Iona. After being collected from the airport by her cousins, Gigi was taken to the accommodation on the day of September 24, where she hid until her grandmother arrived.
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Location: St. Maarten, St. Maarten
  • Date Acquired10-13-2022
  • Date Filmed09-24-2022
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Military Granddaughter Surprises Grandma On Family Vacation After 3 Years Apart


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