Mom Who Lives Across Border Reunites With Daughter For Birthday

A girl who rarely sees her mom due to living either side of the Mexico-US border couldn’t believe her eyes when her mother surprised her for her birthday. Daughter Jaidy lives with her aunt Jessica Armendariz in El Paso, Texas, as her mom, Bianca Montoya, works as a police officer in Juárez, Mexico, and her job makes it difficult to care for Jaidy. Ahead of Jaidy’s birthday, on November 8, the youngster was hoping her mom would be able to make it, but Bianca had been waiting around 18 months for her visa approval and couldn’t make any promises. After her documents arrived on November 9, 2022, Bianca traveled to El Paso to meet her sister, before hiding in the back of the car while she collected Jaidy from school. Aunt Jessica told Jaidy her birthday present was in the mail, and they’d been keeping track of the delivery online – but she had no idea they were actually tracking her mom’s visa delivery. Jessica let her know the present was delayed a day, and when picking her up from school, told her it was in the back of the car – before Bianca sat up and revealed she was there to reunite with her.
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Location: El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Date Acquired01-16-2023
  • Date Filmed11-09-2022
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Mom Who Lives Across Border Reunites With Daughter For Birthday


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