Dog Told She Can Go For Walk If She Fetches Old Deaf Dog From Garden

This clever pooch knows when to collect her deaf doggy pal so they can go for walkies. John Hakari, 32, looks at his able-hearing dog, Rosie, aged five, in their Sioux Falls, South Dakota, home, and lets her know she can go for a walk if she collects Leia, 14, a fellow border collie. Leia, meanwhile, is often outside in her doghouse, where she likes to sleep – but Rosie knows the job in hand and springs into action. When John tells Rosie to "go get" Leia, she immediately heads outside, disappearing for a few seconds into the night before coming back in. Then, right on cue, an excitable Leia always follows Rosie inside, causing Rosie to shake with excitement, knowing what's to come. Leia started losing her hearing two to three years ago, John said, and she is now fully deaf. He and his dogs head out for a walk every evening, but because Leia sleeps under their deck, she doesn’t see or hear when he calls her to head out for a walk. By chance, John thought he would try asking Leia to "go get" Rosie one day, and after he kept asking her "Where's Rosie?" and "show us," the clever canine eventually took John to Leia. After that first try, John rewarded Rosie with a treat – and over time she became more and more accustomed to the routine of collecting Leia before they could head out on one of their daily walks.
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
  • Date Acquired03-17-2023
  • Date Filmed01-26-2023
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Dog Told She Can Go For Walk If She Fetches Old Deaf Dog From Garden


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