Church Perched On Top Of Rock Pillar

This is one way to take your devotion to God to new heights - by worshipping in a church perched on top of a rock pillar. The remote Georgian Monastry can only be accessed via a rickety and rusting metal ladder that rises up the side of the 40 meter rock, called the Katskhi Pillar. On top, monk Maxime Qavtaradze, has lived a life of solitude for more than 20 years. Having worked as a crane operator before becoming ordained in 1993, Maxime has always had a huge head for heights. Perched onto of the rocky column, Maxime has a small cottage where he resides, as well as a church. He only ventures down to the bottom once or twice a week - spending the rest of the time in solitude. Food is winched up to him by devotees who live in a community at the foot of the pillar. The community is made up of largely ‘troubled’ men, who wish to atone for their sins by praying for up to seven hours a day, typically from 2am until dawn. A drone videographer, Martin Pohanka, filmed these incredible shots showing the isolated and inaccessible nature of the church in December.
Location: Katskhi, Georgia
  • Date Acquired04-26-2018
  • Date Filmed12-17-2017
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeDrone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Church Perched On Top Of Rock Pillar


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