Incredible Town Built Underneath Giant Rock

This is the incredible town built UNDERNEATH a giant rock formation. The quaint town of Setenil de las Bedegas - which has just 3,000 residents - has become a major tourist draw for its spectacular man-meets-nature architecture. The bottom of giant rocks help form roofs across entire streets, while many homes in the town are simply expanded caves with external walls built on the front. The quaint town dates back to the 12th century, when the cliffs were used as a natural protection to fortify the fledgling city. Walking through the streets, passersby are blown away by the many precariously hanging boulders - some creating natural roofs for homes, stores and restaurants. Most amazingly, one large overhang covers an entire block of whitewashed houses, which provides relief form the intense Southern Spanish summers.
Location: Setenil de las Bedegas, Spain
  • Date Acquired05-26-2018
  • Date Filmed01-19-2017
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Incredible Town Built Underneath Giant Rock


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