Not A Drill! Firefighter Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal

A firefighter took his relationship with his girlfriend to new heights by proposing atop his fire engine ladder’s aerial platform while family below held signs reading ‘will you marry me?’ Camryn Soria, who works for Tucson Fire Department, surprised Stephanie Hattey after months of planning with family, friends and his colleagues since they live in different cities. He planned for Stephanie, who lives in Kansas City, to be in town and told her his Captain wanted to meet her - so they would swing by on the way to dinner with Camryn’s family. But little did she know hidden and waiting on the other side of the station were around 40 people including 11 who had traveled from out of state. Her mom went to such lengths to keep the surprise she booked flights to Texas on the same dates to show Stephanie - and then canceled them and used the credit to fly to Arizona. When the couple arrived at the firehouse, Camryn - knowing he would say ‘yes’ after planning the visit with his Captain - asked if the pair could be taken up on the ladder before it got dark. As they start to rise over the station suddenly Stephanie spots all the people gathered below holding up the ‘will you marry me’ signs and Camryn drops to one knee to ask the question. Stephanie - clearly surprised - can be seen nodding and leans over to kiss Camryn, while his Captain holds up a sign reading ‘she said yes!’ The beautiful moment was captured on drone by Camryn’s friend since high school, Kevin Maseman, who shares his work online @masemanphoto.
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Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • Date Acquired02-10-2019
  • Date Filmed12-17-2018
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeDrone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Not A Drill! Firefighter Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal


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