Boy With Spina Bifida Scores Surprise Touchdown In Wheelchair

An eight-year-old with spina bifida sent fans wild in a recent championship football game, as he entered the field, charged through the line, and scored a touchdown. The incredible moment of sportsmanship saw both teams help wheelchair-bound Karter Gardenhire receive the ball from the snap and break though the defense to score. Karter, from Clearwater, Kansas, was playing for his hometown in the Indian Bowl for first- and second-graders, taking on nearby Newton. The uplifting moment took place on November 2, with Karter's mother, Chelsea, 30, cheering on from the sidelines. According to Chelsea, there were happy tears all-round as her son crossed the goal line – and Karter himself couldn't stop talking about the moment for days after. Adding to the beauty of the moment, Karter and his family did not know both teams were going to put on such a lovely gesture until it was time for the play itself.
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Location: Clearwater, Kansas, USA
  • Date Acquired11-13-2019
  • Date Filmed11-02-2019
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
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Boy With Spina Bifida Scores Surprise Touchdown In Wheelchair


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