Protective Dog Stops Mom Burping Baby Every Time

A loving dog has shown her protective side by trying to stop her owner from burping her baby as she thinks it might be hurting him. Owner Maria Rojas, from Phoenix, Arizona, initially thought seven-year-old Lola's blocking technique was a one-off – but over time the pooch kept trying to protect baby Nacho again and again. Lola, a Vizsla, has always been close to Nacho, Maria, 33, from Phoenix, Arizona, said, having initially been curious when the newborn was brought home from the hospital. Over time, that bond grew into Lola always wanting to be close to Nacho – and when she first witnessed the youngster being burped, the determined dog immediately headed to Maria and put her paw on the mom's knee as a way of asking her to stop. Maria thought this initial act of protectiveness was cute, and over the days and weeks that followed – and as Nacho got bigger – Lola's attempts to stop her baby companion getting burped grew more committed. Eventually, Lola started jumping up and actively trying to push Maria's hand away – but only when Nacho was being burped.
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Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Date Acquired05-08-2024
  • Date Filmed08-07-2023
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Protective Dog Stops Mom Burping Baby Every Time


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