Heartwarming Moment Orphan Finds Out Family In The U.S. Want To Adopt Him

This is the heartwarming moment an orphan in Colombia hears the voices of a U.S. family he spent the summer with for the first time in weeks - breaking down as they ask him to join their family. JoBen and Amanda Barkey, from California, USA, saw a social media post about Kidsave.org while they were on a vacation and knew immediately they wanted to adopt Sebastian, 11. While working through the process, the couple discovered they could host Sebastian in their home for five weeks with their four children Asher (9), Judah (8), Mishayla (5) and Jameis (4). Under Colombian hosting/adopting rules, they weren’t allowed to tell Sebastian they were hoping to adopt him - rules which they followed explicitly. However, that meant they also couldn’t tell their own children because they knew it would be too hard of a secret to keep while Sebastian was staying in their home in the U.S. After an emotional ‘goodbye’ at the airport when it was time for Sebastian to go back to Colombia, the children couldn’t understand why their parents were letting him leave. But just a few weeks later, JoBen and Amanda recorded the moment they broke the news to their kids that they were going to be adopting their friend - news they were ecstatic to hear. When Sebastian arrived back in Colombia, the family had arranged for him to start English classes but that meant moving to a new city. The authorities decided to inform Sebastian why he was being moved - and to let JoBen and Amanda tell him - so played him the clip of them telling their children about the adoption. But since Sebastian doesn’t understand much English, they told him they were calling a ‘translator’ only for the family to surprise him by appearing on-screen - the first time he had seen them since leaving. One-by-one the family tells Sebastian they would like to be his brother, sister, mom and dad, before he is overcome with emotion and excitedly answers ‘yes’.
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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Date Acquired09-19-2018
  • Date Filmed08-30-2018
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Heartwarming Moment Orphan Finds Out Family In The U.S. Want To Adopt Him


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