Friendly Sea Lions Come To Say Hello

A group of holiday-makers were surprised by a group of sea lions leapt on board their boat for a tasty treat. The sea lions have perfected the exact time to hop on tourist boats heading out of the harbour in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Adorable footage captured by Bill Kleinfelder shows the delighted sea lions hopping on the back of the group’s chartered fishing boat, begging the fishermen for part of their catch. Bill captured the amazing moments, over the course of two days in early September during a fishing trip with buddies. Bill, 54, from Cocoa, Florida, said the clever sea lions had followed the boat knowing they had a fishing haul on board as he and his four friends returned from their offshore fishing trip – the prime time to ask for food. This occurred on both days that Bill – along with Lester and Brett Woodring, and Todd and Kris Freese – came back with a catch that included marlin, dorado and tuna. Initially, Bill said, the group were wary of the creatures, but after they had hopped onboard and looked into the live well where they kept bait and catch, the group knew exactly what the sea lions were after.
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Date Acquired09-17-2019
  • Date Filmed09-11-2019
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Friendly Sea Lions Come To Say Hello


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