Warthog Hilariously Wakes Sleeping Lions

A cheeky warthog appears to prank a pride of sleeping lions by waking them up and sprinting away leaving them baffled as to what just happened. Joker Pumbaa seemingly clocks the four lions a few feet away napping near a tree and initially thinks about walking quietly the other way before stopping in its tracks. It then chooses to head towards the lions, before darting right at them causing the startled pride to immediately wake up, just in time to see the warthog sprinting away into the distance. Safari guide Onne Vegter captured the hilarious moment in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, in South Africa. The rattled lions didn’t quite know what was going on, as, having jumped to attention when the warthog awoke them, they then just looked around confused, like anyone who had suddenly been woken up.
Location: Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa
  • Date Acquired10-29-2019
  • Date Filmed02-10-2018
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeProfessional Camera
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Warthog Hilariously Wakes Sleeping Lions


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