Daughter Who Moved To U.S. Reunites With Mom After Five Years

A mom who thought she was having a pamper day immediately started bawling joyous tears when she was surprised by her daughter who moved to the United States and had not been in almost five years. Karabo Mareka, 26, who lives in Reston, Virginia, calls her mom, Sebina, 50, her best friend, having always been there for her while she was growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. The last time Karabo had visited home was in 2019, having initially moved to the United States to be an au pair and, later, getting a job as a flight attendant for United Airlines. Due to the likes of visa applications and travel disruptions during the pandemic, Karabo wasn't able to return home to pay her mom a visit. Having started working for United Airlines, Karabo also knew her flight attendant rota would mean she needed to plan her vacations in advance. Karabo had initially earmarked the month of February 2024 to finally return home, but when she was presented with a two-week window in November, she decided to move her plans forward, telling only her sister, Thato, who agreed to help plan a surprise for their mom.
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Daughter Who Moved To U.S. Reunites With Mom After Five Years


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