Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Beats Disease To Make It To Daughter's 1st Birthday

A mom who found out she had cancer while pregnant and given just six months to live by doctors has beaten the odds to make it to her daughter’s first birthday and defeat the disease. When Lindsey Gritton, 30, from Cumming, Georgia, was pregnant with her second daughter, Savannah, she discovered a lump on her breast 36 weeks into her pregnancy. Lindsey said the lump was initially misdiagnosed as mastitis but having felt a lingering burning sensation, she was diagnosed with cancer, requiring her to give birth at 37 weeks and start treatment right away. Savannah was born on April 30, 2022, and as Lindsey started her treatment doctors then discovered the cancer had spread to her liver, leaving it covered with dozens of tumors. Lindsey said she was given just six months to live by doctors, but having undergone eight rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, scans revealed that there was no longer any evidence of the disease. Once chemo was over, Lindsey underwent a lumpectomy and 32 rounds of radiation – and now cancer-free, she's continued to undergo immunotherapy every three weeks, as well as regular screenings. The proud mom later shared a post on her Instagram account, showing how she had overcome the odds and not just survived for six months, but became cancer-free and made it to Savannah's first birthday.
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Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Beats Disease To Make It To Daughter's 1st Birthday


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