Family Game Night Turns Into Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal

This is the hilarious moment a grandma-to-be didn't get the hidden message in her family’s word association game, despite shouting her daughter-in-law is pregnant multiple times. In the amusing clip, Drew Crenwelge is playing "Bowl of Nouns" with his mother, Tammy Ramsey, acting out the words on pieces of paper before returning them to the bowl. After understanding Drew's actions for the likes of guacamole and yelling out potential answers such as ‘Trump’ and ‘Beto’, Tammy, 53, then watched on as Drew pointed to his wife Carla. When his mom said 29-year-old Carla's name, Drew, 30, nodded and then made a bump shaped action on his belly, causing his mother to say, "pregnant." With his mother a little confused by the seemingly right answer of pregnant, Drew returned the piece of paper to bowl, picked up another and again made the same action sequence. An even-more-confused Tammy said, "Carla. Pregnant," and Drew again nodded any put the piece of paper back in the bowl, as if it were the right answer. "What?!" Tammy said, perplexed, but still without getting the message. Then, on third attempt in his family home, in Austin, Texas, Drew went through the same actions, causing the grandmother-to-be to say, "Carla's pregnant," and finally get the hint. A stunned Tammy screamed, rose to her feet and headed across the living room to give her daughter-in-law a huge hug on September 22, 2019. The couple are expecting their first baby, and this is also the first time Tammy will be a grandmother.
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Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Date Acquired11-24-2019
  • Date Filmed09-22-2019
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Family Game Night Turns Into Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal


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