Tourists Tour Tokyo In Go Karts Dressed As Super Mario

Game enthusiasts can now relive their childhood memories in real life – by donning Mario Kart costumes and zipping around the streets of Tokyo in go-karts. The karts can reach speeds of up to 50mph and can play music, including the soundtrack of the game. But, unlike the video game, drivers don’t race each other – or leave banana skins to trip up their fellow drivers. But despite the majority of people enjoying the sights of Japan’s biggest city from the karts, there has been controversy surrounding the new tourist attractions. Several incidents, including crashes, have led some locals to become tired of the erratic driving of foreigners dressed as the video game characters. Nintendo also filed a lawsuit against the main provider of go Karts, MariCar, but the court ruled that MariCar could continue to offer the tours as long as it carried a disclaimer on its website and vehicles saying it is ‘in no way a reflection of the game Mario Kart’.
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Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Date Acquired08-01-2019
  • Date Filmed05-08-2019
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Tourists Tour Tokyo In Go Karts Dressed As Super Mario


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