Guests Drive Past Couple's Wedding To Join In Celebration

A couple whose wedding plans were crushed by the coronavirus outbreak forcing them to downsize were left stunned when guests formed a drive by parade to celebrate with them. Due to social distancing advice, Jade and Houston Holmes had to cancel their original wedding, which had seen almost 200 people RSVP to say they would be attending. Saddened, the couple still decided to tie the knot, moving the ceremony from a local country club to a small ceremony in the backyard of the Holmes family’s home on March 21. But as the newly-married couple, from Dallas, Texas, stepped out on their driveway for a couple of wedding snaps, they heard numerous cars start honking their horns heading their way. One by one, car after car packed with those who would have been attending their big day drove past - a total of around 50 vehicles, Houston said, all offering their well-wishes. The couple, both aged 22, admitted they had never been so surprised.
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Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Date Acquired03-23-2020
  • Date Filmed03-21-2020
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Guests Drive Past Couple's Wedding To Join In Celebration


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