Couple Get Married For Second Time So Grandmother Isolating Due To COVID Can Attend

A pair of newlyweds undertook a beautiful gesture for the bride's grandmother, by getting married for the second time so she could attend a private ceremony. Virginia Cannon, 90, was brought to tears when she watched her granddaughter, also named Virginia, and husband Harvey Sydnor marry through the window of her care facility in Richmond, Virginia. Harvey, 51, and Virginia, 36, initially tied the knot on October 10, 2020 – but when Virginia's grandmother couldn't attend because of health reasons and the pandemic, the couple wanted to do everything they could to make sure she did not miss out on wedding. The younger Virginia spoke to Windsor Senior Center's activities director, Christina Stott, to see if there was anything extra that could be done. Though Virginia could not leave the facility, Christina suggested that they host a mock wedding at the center. A week after the original ceremony had taken place, Virginia and Harvey headed to the facility along with a vicar, on October 18, to repeat the ceremony.
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Location: Richmond, Virginia, USA
  • Date Acquired01-05-2021
  • Date Filmed10-18-2020
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Couple Get Married For Second Time So Grandmother Isolating Due To COVID Can Attend


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