Kids Adorably Cheer Mom Graduating On TV Livestream

A pair of proud siblings cheer and celebrate while watching their hard-working mom finally collect her dream graduate degree via a live stream on TV. It had always been Natalie Vega-Finn’s ambition to complete a graduate course, but after finishing her undergrad studies in ‘98, life simply got in the way of her higher education goals. Having restarted her master’s in 2017 - while working a full-time job - Natalie completed her studies in December 2019, only for all 2020 grad ceremonies to be cancelled due to COVID-19. As a result, Natalie, 44, had to wait until summer 2021 to receive her Master’s of Liberal Science degree from Indiana University Northwest. And due to pandemic restrictions the celebration was limited to only students, as friends and family were not permitted. These rules meant that Natalie’s children - Hazel, aged eight, and Violet, seven - had to watch her May 13 graduation ceremony at home on live stream. As the girls eagerly awaited their mom’s turn to cross the stage, their dad, Brandon, 44, began to record their reactions. Once Brandon had alerted them to their mom’s arrival, Hazel and Violet began shouting "Mummy! Mummy!", rocking back and forth with excitement and lifting their arms.
Release Status:
TV & Digital
Location: Munster, Indiana, USA
  • Date Acquired05-31-2021
  • Date Filmed05-13-2021
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Kids Adorably Cheer Mom Graduating On TV Livestream


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