Grandmother Surprised With Twin Great Grandchildren

A woman whose family photoshopped her into images with her newborn great grandkids as she feared she’d never meet them due to COVID-19 weeps as they finally paid her a surprise visit. Margaret Stringfellow’s granddaughter, Melanie Smith, lives in Benidorm, Spain, and after giving birth to identical twins last year, couldn’t go home to the UK due to travel restrictions. This meant Margaret, 82, pined to meet her new great grandchildren, Caden and Hunter, so much so that her other granddaughter, Emily, had to Photoshop the twins into images with her. But the images couldn’t make up for what Margaret felt on December 7, when Melanie, 38, walked into her home holding the twins, who had been born earlier in 2021. As soon as Margaret clocked who her granddaughter was holding, she immediately froze, speechless, before placing her hands over her eyes and crying happy tears. The moment was captured on video by Emily, 25, who later shared the clip online. She and her mom helped plan the surprise, and when restrictions were lifted in September and October 2021, they traveled to Spain to see Melanie and plan the surprise for her grandmother.
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Location: Warrington, UK
  • Date Acquired01-11-2021
  • Date Filmed12-07-2021
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Grandmother Surprised With Twin Great Grandchildren


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