Boy Escapes Crib To Comfort Crying Little Brother Back To Sleep

A couple were left stunned by a show of brotherly love as their baby monitor captured their two-year-old climb out of crib and into his crying brother’s crib to comfort him back to sleep. In the adorable footage, Kailo is seen in his crib before realizing his brother Sloan, aged one, is upset - with the crying causing parents Chey-Anne and Christopher Grissom to view the baby monitor from another room. But as the couple watched on in their San Juan, Texas, home on May 25, they saw Kailo suddenly start to clamber out. Having successfully made it onto the floor of his shared bedroom, Kailo then retrieved his blanket and walked across the room to his brother's crib. The camera then pivoted towards Sloan's crib, where Chey-Anne and Christopher saw their two-year-old toss his blanket over the top of the railings and climb inside. Once over the railings, Kailo wrapped his blanket around his brother to calm him, before the pair hugged and drifted back off to sleep together.
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Location: San Juan, Texas, USA
  • Date Acquired05-26-2020
  • Date Filmed05-25-2020
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeSecurity
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Boy Escapes Crib To Comfort Crying Little Brother Back To Sleep


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