Mom Who Thought Military Son Couldn't Make Wedding Receives Surprise

A military son who sent his mom a Build-A-Bear of himself on her wedding day because he “couldn't make it home” surprised her by turning up and walking her down the aisle. Robert McClaughlin, known as Junior, had been away from his mom Lois, who lives in Texas, since he was deployed to Washington State in February 2021. It was the furthest Junior, 28, a self-confessed ‘momma's boy’, had ever been away from Lois, 47, and for the longest time they had ever been apart. Ahead of Lois' big day, Junior did everything he could to be in attendance – and when he got the news that he could travel for the March 13 ceremony, he decided make it a surprise. Junior headed to Build-A-Bear, where he created a solider themed teddy that family members could give to Lois on her wedding day, so that she would only think he could be there in teddy form. Little did Lois know, though, Junior had arrived in Galveston, Texas, for her beach wedding.
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Location: Galveston, Texas, USA
  • Date Acquired03-25-2022
  • Date Filmed03-13-2022
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital

Mom Who Thought Military Son Couldn't Make Wedding Receives Surprise


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