Dog Called Elsa Who Loves Olaf Comfort Toy Surprised By Life-Size Olaf

A dog which had a tough upbringing excitedly jumps for joy as she is surprised by a human-size version of her favorite comfort toy - Olaf from Frozen. Elsa - an 18-month-old Pomeranian cross named after the lead character in the Disney hit - had a rough upbringing according to owner Heide Souza, 24, from Sydney, Australia. She came from a backyard breeder, Heide revealed, and when she was just eight months old was already pregnant with her first litter. The pup was shy, slightly aggressive and didn’t know the meaning of love - but that all changed when she met Olaf. Being a huge fan of the film franchise, Heide was often given gifts tied to the movies including an Olaf plush toy, which a friend in her native Brazil had given to her. Over time, Elsa kept trying to steal the toy, but Heide did not want the gift to get ruined. One day, though, when Heide was out, Elsa was able to snatch the plush Olaf, which she brought to her bed and cuddled as she went to sleep. Seeing Elsa sleeping in such a way melted her heart Heide said, and so she and her wife, Karina, 24, decided to let the pup keep the toy. Elsa started carrying Olaf wherever she went, protecting it and cuddling it in her bed when sleeping. And having seen how close the two became, Heide and Karina decided to take things one step further. Karina works as a childcare teacher and party entertainer, giving her a regular source of costumes. Each time, Elsa has barked at Karina’s costume but as she walked into the kitchen dress as Olaf, Elsa's reaction was completely different. It took a few seconds, but after realizing what she was looking at, Elsa suddenly darted across the kitchen and jumped at the giant snowman with yaps of joy. Heide captured the show of affection on video on January 31, later uploading the video online.
Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Date Acquired02-08-2021
  • Date Filmed01-31-2021
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Dog Called Elsa Who Loves Olaf Comfort Toy Surprised By Life-Size Olaf


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