Playful Seal Chases Huge School Of Salmon Off Bondi Beach

A seal has been captured chasing a giant school of salmon off the coast of Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. The spectacular sight was captured by British drone operator and photographer, Nick Holton, at the east Sydney beach. As the playful seal darts in and out of the bait ball, he sends the salmon fleeing in every which direction – creating a stunningly poetic movement. The huge school of fish is so dense the normally crystal clear waters appear ink like. And as the Australian fur seal – affectionately know as ‘Alex the seal’ to locals – darts in and out of swimmers and surfers he can be seen grabbing himself some breakfast – much to the shock of early morning beach walkers. After eating his catch, the showboating seal then heads up to the shoreline within metres of runners and walkers, before beaching himself triumphantly, before slipping off into the ocean.
Location: Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Date Acquired01-17-2021
  • Date Filmed01-12-2021
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeDrone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Playful Seal Chases Huge School Of Salmon Off Bondi Beach


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