Grandparents Find Baby On Doorstep After 50 Days In NICU

A couple left their parents screaming with joy after bringing home their premature baby who spent 50 days in the NICU and leaving him on their doorsteps to capture their reactions. Ines [pron: E-nes] and Sandro Lavalle's son Gianni [pron: Jah-nee] was born six weeks prematurely and therefore faced developmental challenges with his breathing and swallowing. So, for his grandparents - Sandro’s parents Renato and Bernardina and Ines’ parents Gianni and Marianna - it was an anxious wait over when they would be able to bring home their new grandchild. During 50 days in the NICU Gianni also had bradycardia spells - periods when he would stop breathing or his heart rate dropped - with docs telling the family he needed to have one week with no bradycardia spells in order to be allowed home. Ines revealed many times Gianni he would fight up to three, then four and five days with no bradycardia spells, but would then have a spell and they’d have to start the clock over again. Gianni was born June 1 2018 and finally discharged from the NICU on July 21 2018 - total of 50 days - and since they’d stopped reporting his spells to his grandparents the couple decided to surprise them and their respective homes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Date Acquired06-22-2021
  • Date Filmed07-21-2018
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Grandparents Find Baby On Doorstep After 50 Days In NICU


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