Crowd Cheers Every Time Adorable Baby Lifts Arms

A showman baby has gone viral after being captured on video causing huge cheers from restaurant-goers each time he raised his arms to “show off his muscles”. In the adorable clip, 17-month-old Liam Goebel is sitting on the bar of a packed Greenport, New York, restaurant, when his initial arm-raise brings dozens of diners to let out a huge cheer. Buoyed by the support, Liam kept doing the same gesture again and again, each time bringing a smile to his face as more and more restaurant-goers cheer and belly laugh at his actions. According to Liam's mom, Jennifer Goebel, 26, from New Egypt, New Jersey, the moment at Claudio's Restaurant on July 19 caught everyone completely by surprise. A downpour had caused diners who had finished their meals to wait out the rain inside, and one nearby table was keeping Liam entertained as he lifted his arms to "show off his muscles." Soon, however, the whole restaurant began to join in, with Jennifer's mom Pauline capturing the moment on video.
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Location: Greenport, New York, USA
  • Date Acquired07-22-2021
  • Date Filmed07-19-2021
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Crowd Cheers Every Time Adorable Baby Lifts Arms


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