Woman Rescues Dog Injured By Car And Nurses Her Back To Health

A woman who rescued a dog badly injured after being hit by a car in Mexico has helped turn her life around with the aid of a doggy wheelchair. Erica Loring from San Diego, California, has been rescuing animals her whole life, with even her first word being ‘dog’, not ‘dad’. In 2011, Erica noticed a social media plea for people to donate to Baja Dog rescue shelter, which helped save over 100 Mexican street dogs from often squalid conditions, including hoarding situations. But instead of donating Erica believed she had what it takes to adopt a dog even though she had no previous experience. So on February 29th, 2011, the owner of the shelter drove to Erica’s home hoping she would take a disabled dog which Erica accepted. After two months of therapy until she was able to stand on her own, and four more months before she was able to push herself around. This pushing motion used by the dog gave Erica the idea to call her Scooty as she “scoots herself about” and purchase her a doggy wheelchair. After crowdfunding the wheelchair, Scooty's life was transformed. MANDATORY CREDIT: @super_scooty / T&T
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Location: San Diego, California, USA
  • Date Acquired09-06-2021
  • Date Filmed09-05-2021
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Woman Rescues Dog Injured By Car And Nurses Her Back To Health


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