Girl Surprised With Sister News On Her Birthday

An only child was brought to tears on her 10th birthday as she opened her present to discover she is set to become a sibling. As Molly-May opened her gift, she was met with a sign that read, "I'm going to be a big sister," as well as a baby scan of her new sibling. The shock of the moment immediately caused Molly to well up. Molly had always wanted a baby sibling, but shortly after she was born, her father, Sam Souter, 33, from Leicester, England, was diagnosed with a medical condition that required him to take medication. As a result of this treatment, Sam could not conceive, which he said was tough, given that he saw the difficulties Molly had with being an old child. After a long talk with his wife, Becky, 29, Sam decided to come off his medication in 2021, and he and Becky started trying for another child. On December 21, 2021, the couple saw a pregnancy test come back positive, and so they decided they would surprise Molly with the news at the 12-week mark. The milestone happened to be around Molly’s 10th birthday, and the surprise took place in their family home on February 15.
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Location: Leicester, UK
  • Date Acquired03-01-2022
  • Date Filmed02-15-2022
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Girl Surprised With Sister News On Her Birthday


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