Girl Receives Birthday Gift She Always Wanted - A Little Sister

A six-year-old got the birthday present she had always wished for - after her parents announced their pregnancy to her through a gift. Little Ella had been nagging her mom Aimee Grant about becoming a big sister ever since she got together with her step-father. Busy with a university degree and the usual financial priorities, Aimee and her partner put off having a child together, much to the dismay of Ella. But after conceiving, Aimee decided to reveal her pregnancy to Ella in the form of a birthday present and card from her new sister-to-be the day Ella turned six. Presenting Ella with her usual birthday presents, she is overjoyed to discover there is one more special present. Pulling out a teddy bear from a party bag, she hugs it tightly before reaching in to grab the accompanying card from the mystery recipient. Opening it, she begins reading the text out loud which says: “To a lovely big sister”. A shocked Ella excitedly stops and shouts, “What!”. Reading on, the card’s inside message gives away more, saying: “I may be little but I’m sending you a very big kiss. Happy birthday, love from your…” At that moment, Ella stops reading as the realization that she is going to finally become a big sister hits home. Bursting into a scream, she turns and hugs her mom sat next to her.
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Location: Leicester, UK
  • Date Acquired08-24-2018
  • Date Filmed06-01-2018
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Girl Receives Birthday Gift She Always Wanted - A Little Sister


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