Mom Calls Security When Daughter Surprises Them After Two Years Apart

A daughter's wholesome and tear-filled surprise reunion with her mom after two years apart was nearly blown when her unsuspecting parents contacted security in their building. Having reached her parents' apartment, Sikta Samantray, 26, decided to cover the eyehole on the front door as she rang the bell for her mom to let her in. Not expecting visitors, Sikta's mom, Margaret, 50, became suspicious of the fact that the door camera was blacked out, asking her husband what she should do about a potential risk. It was suggested that she call the apartment block's security, and so Sikta had to act fast in order to keep her plan on track. She asked one of her mom's friends to call her to open the door, and thankfully, before things got out of hand, Margaret relented. When she opened the front door, on March 4, Margaret immediately froze before crying hysterically from the shock.
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Mom Calls Security When Daughter Surprises Them After Two Years Apart


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