Military Son Is Last Lost Item During Teacher Mom's Lost And Found Day

A teacher who thought she was simply partaking in a Lost And Found Day at her school suddenly cried happy tears when the last item to be found was her military son, who had returned home from Iraq to surprise her. Cheryl Pletsch, 54, had not seen her son, Staff Sergeant Jake Pletsch, 24, of the U.S. Army, for more than a year. Jake's journey started in March 2021, when he headed off to Fort Bliss, in Oklahoma, and then on to Fort Still, in Texas. Following his stay in Texas, Jake was then deployed to Erbil, Iraq, for nine more months. When he discovered he would be returning home, Jake contacted his sister, who liaised with staff to plan the faux-Lost And Found Day on April 1.
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Location: Bergen County, New Jersey, USA
  • Date Acquired04-20-2022
  • Date Filmed04-01-2022
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Military Son Is Last Lost Item During Teacher Mom's Lost And Found Day


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