Grandma Screams When She Is Surprised By Best Friend Of 60 Years

A grandma let out a shocked scream when her best friend of more than 60 years travelled across the country to surprise her. Angela “Angie” Timmerman, 89, had no idea her closest friend, Joann Flynn, 84, had traveled to surprise her in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, on March 16 from her home in Newtown, Connecticut. When Joann entered the room, Angie let out a high-pitched scream from the shock of the surprise, before the pair headed towards each other for an emotional reunion hug. Her granddaughter, Mallori, who was secretly started recording the reunion, revealed Angie and Joann met in early adulthood, as their husbands were friends and went to high school together. Angie and Joann's first kids were born three months apart, and so their families felt like each other's as they raised their children together and became best friends. When Angie moved from Connecticut to North Carolina in 2019, the pair were not able to see one another as frequently.
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TV & Digital
Location: Sunset Beach, North Carolina, USA
  • Date Acquired03-23-2023
  • Date Filmed03-16-2023
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
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Grandma Screams When She Is Surprised By Best Friend Of 60 Years


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