Military Twin Fights Back Tears When He Holds Niece For First Time

A soldier devastated to miss the birth of his twin sister's first child fought back tears when he was finally able to hold his niece for the first time. Gavin Sias, from Simpsonville, South Carolina, is extremely close to twin sister, Meagan, but having joined the military, he was faced with the prospect of missing the birth of her first child. The separation was tough, Meagan, 19, said, as her daughter Arabella Rose was born on February 8, but Gavin would not complete basic training until April 13. When the moment finally came, and Gavin, a cavalry scout with the Army National Guard, got to hold niece Arabella Rose for the first time, his eyes welled up as he fought back tears. The moment also marked the end of a tough year for the family, Meagan said, as her and Gavin's father was diagnosed with liver cancer, and Gavin’s separation at basic training was tough on everyone.
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Location: Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
  • Date Acquired05-06-2023
  • Date Filmed04-13-2023
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Military Twin Fights Back Tears When He Holds Niece For First Time


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