Stranded Goat Rescued From Cliff Ledge

This is the moment a goat stuck for over a week on a tiny ledge was rescued by heroic volunteers. The goat had been grazing at the top of the hill when she lost his footing and slipped down the almost vertical cliff face. Residents living near the cliff claimed they were woken by her cries in the middle of the night and called out a local animal rescue group called Blue Cross Rescues. A huge rescue attempt was launched, with volunteers abseiling down the side of the cliff. Assisted by spotters sat in a boat on the lake below, they slowly winched their way down making sure not to dislodge any rocks onto the goat below. After a nail-biting few minutes in which the goat gets scared and begins to move from the safety of her tiny ledge, a rescuer manages to corner her. Using a net, he gently places it over her, before being hoisted. Back to the top. There, the goat was checked over before being released unharmed.
Location: Chennai, India
  • Date Acquired11-05-2018
  • Date Filmed09-14-2018
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing
Tags:  goat , stranded , rescue , cliff , chennai , india

Stranded Goat Rescued From Cliff Ledge


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