Thrift Store Owner Mom Finds A Military Surprise

A mom who runs a vintage store couldn’t believe her eyes as she opened the door to a pickup truck expecting a thrift shop find – only to discover her military son who she hadn’t seen in over a year. As the door opened, Stephanie Kerber, 40, let out a scream in shock before crying happy tears as she was able to hug her son, Dillan, 20, once more. Dillan is a specialist in the U.S. Army, and since March 2021 he had been serving in South Korea. Stephanie, from Visalia, California, hadn’t seen Dillan since December 2020 when he was last home for Christmas, and had no idea the surprise was coming. She discovered the surprise had come about after Dillan received news he could leave Korea a month earlier than expected. So he contacted his older brother, Danny, and said he wanted to arrange a surprise for Stephanie, who runs a vintage store called Bad Dreams Vintage. On March 6, the weekend of the surprise, Stephanie was visiting her father's home, and so Danny drove by, saying he had something cool in his truck that he had found in a thrift store. As Stephanie approached the door, Danny said that the item was quite large, so she would need to stand close to the door, in case it fell out. Then, as the door opened, Stephanie was in complete shock as she finally got the chance to hold her son for the first time in more than 14 months.
Release Status:
TV & Digital
Location: Visalia, California, USA
  • Date Acquired03-15-2022
  • Date Filmed03-06-2022
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Thrift Store Owner Mom Finds A Military Surprise


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