Stepdad Can't Hold Back Emotions During Stepdaughter's First Look On Wedding Day

A stepdad couldn’t hold back his tears as his stepdaughter – who he has raised since she was just four – stands in front of him during a wedding day first look. Stepdad Tom has been a part of bride Kristen Smith’s life for more than 20 years. And on July 16, 2022, the day of Kristen’s wedding to Tom Gass in Cancun, Mexico, the memories over all those years came flooding back to him. Kristen, 27, wearing her dress, approached Tom - and her little brother Thomas, 21 - while they were both facing the other way. As the pair turn around, the emotion is clear on Tom’s face, as he immediately goes in for a hug before the tears start falling.
Release Status:
TV & Digital
Location: Cancun, Mexico
  • Date Acquired07-25-2022
  • Date Filmed07-16-2022
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Stepdad Can't Hold Back Emotions During Stepdaughter's First Look On Wedding Day


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