Bride Whose Dad Was Clemson Tiger When He Met Her Mom Gets Surprised By The Mascot On Wedding Day

A bride whose late father was the Clemson Tiger mascot during his college days was surprised when the Tiger walked her down the aisle on her wedding day. Clemson holds a special place in the hearts of 29-year-old Brindley Faile Perrini's family, where her parents, Randy and Trellise, met during their studies. Between 1982 and 1984, Randy was also the university's famed Tiger mascot, which meant that Brindley, who graduated from Clemson, and her sister later became huge fans of the college, attending numerous mascot reunions with their dad as teenagers. Sadly for the family, though, Randy passed away from a heart attack in 2018 after 34 years of marriage, leaving Brindley with a hole to fill when walking down the aisle on her wedding day. Mom Trellise, 61, devised a plan to make things extra special. Having reached out to the Clemson, a committee discussed the idea Trellise had put forward: that the Clemson Tiger would walk Brindley down the aisle in her father's place. Brindley said that the Tiger had never fulfilled this duty, but after the committee approved the request, the wheels were set in motion. Ahead of her wedding at Alexander Homestead in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brindley felt bummed because a photo charm of her father had not arrived in time to add to her bouquet. This provided the perfect cover for the surprise, as while Brindley was having her bridal portraits taken on March 23, her mom said: 'I know you were upset that the photo charm didn’t come in, so I got you a little something to help you honor Dad.' A surprised Brindley did not know what to expect and started following her mother. Then, around the corner, came the Clemson Tiger, causing Brindley to go weak at the knees and scream in shock. With a smile beamed across her face, the 32-year-old, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, headed over to the mascot for a big hug.
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Bride Whose Dad Was Clemson Tiger When He Met Her Mom Gets Surprised By The Mascot On Wedding Day


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