Bride Surprises Grandma In Wedding Dress When She Can't Make Wedding

A bride surprises her 90-year-old grandma who was too unwell to attend her wedding by wearing her wedding dress during a visit to see her instead. Maria Sanzo, from Bridgeport, Connecticut, is the backbone of her large Italian family, having had five children; 13 grandchildren, including bride Emily Antenucci-Struss; and 13 great grandchildren. She’d attended every birthday party, soccer game, graduation and wedding, but after a fall resulted in fluid building up on her lungs and high blood pressure, she was unlikely to make Emily’s wedding. Emily, 29, said Maria was the person who taught her about the meaning of family, love, and hard work, and for that reason she asked her grandmother to be her flower girl earlier in the year. She spent time in hospital and a rehabilitation center, and though she made progress before the big day on June 24, she was not well enough to travel from Connecticut to the Rhode Island wedding. After the wedding, Emily was determined for her grandmother to see her dress, and so she planned to drive from her home in Philadelphia to surprise her.
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Bride Surprises Grandma In Wedding Dress When She Can't Make Wedding


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