Bride Surprises 97-Year-Old Grandma In Wedding Dress After She Couldn't Make Wedding

A bride gave her beloved grandma who couldn't attend her wedding a surprise she'll never forget when she showed up at her home in her wedding dress. 29-year-old Jessica Lauser is a self-confessed "grandma's girl," so when 97-year-old Helen Quinlan couldn't make her granddaughter's wedding for health reasons, Jessica and Helen were left devastated. It was Helen, Jessica said, who babysat her as a youngster, taking Jessica and her siblings to the carousel, dance lessons, and shopping at the mall. Helen also responded to taking Jessica to art classes. Now that her granddaughter is a full-time artist with over one million TikTok followers, the 97-year-old proudly takes credit for starting Jessica on her journey. With Helen's family making the tough decision that she could not attend Jessica's Staten Island, New York, wedding because such a long day would be too much for her, Jessica decided to come up with a way to make her grandma still feel part of the wedding. Ten days after the wedding, Jessica donned her wedding dress again and styled her hair similarly to how she had it on her big day. She and her husband Camron Rodriguez, 29, then drove to Helen's house, where Jessica walked into her living room to surprise her grandma on November 19, 2023. When she looked at her granddaughter, Helen immediately lit up with joy.
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Bride Surprises 97-Year-Old Grandma In Wedding Dress After She Couldn't Make Wedding


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