Woman Cries When Best Friend Hands Her Newborn Named After Her

A woman has gone viral after she bawled happy tears when she was surprised with the news that her best friend's newborn "miracle" baby had been named after her. As Morgan Shaw passed her best friend, Mireya Elliott, her newborn baby, she informed Mireya that her name had been incorporated into that of her baby daughter's. Morgan, 31, said, "Meet Juniper Maeve Mireya Shaw," causing Mireya, 29, to double-take, her face changing from a beaming smile to welling up. Then, Mireya kept repeating, "No you did not! No you did not!", as her best friend passed her daughter across for a sobbing Mireya to hold for the very first time. The moment took place on September 26, at the NICU in Conway Regional Hospital, Arkansas, where Juniper had been taken after being born at just 3 pounds and 10 ounces.
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Location: Conway, Arkansas, USA
  • Date Acquired10-10-2022
  • Date Filmed09-26-2022
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Woman Cries When Best Friend Hands Her Newborn Named After Her


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