Daughter Reveals She Will Attend Dad's Dream College

A proud father cries tears of joy as his daughter hands him a t-shirt revealing she is set to attend his dream college. Tito Baker, from Atlanta, Georgia, said he grew up poor and didn’t go to college – but he’s a huge fan of the University of Georgia, supporting the Bulldogs his whole life and donning the school’s athletics gear. For years, it had been his dream that daughter Alaya, 18, would attend the school, but when Alaya started looking at other schools, Tito thought that might not be a possibility. The 47-year-old didn’t want to pressure his daughter, who was initially leaning towards a HBCU, but when she changed her mind and was accepted into Georgia, she first kept her decision a secret. Then, on April 23, Alaya gave her dad a surprise gift for supporting her through her academics – and when Tito opened the small teal gift bag, he discovered a Georgia t-shirt inside. The item initially didn't raise any suspicion, as Alaya had gifted him a variety of UGA gear in the past, but when Tito looked back at his daughter, he noticed a smirk on her face, and everything began to click. It was at that point Tito asked if Alaya was headed to Georgia, and when she said, 'Yes,' the gesture immediately brought the proud dad to tears.
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Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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  • Date Filmed04-23-2023
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Daughter Reveals She Will Attend Dad's Dream College


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