Journey To Reach Highest Volcano In North America

An adventurer has captured the grueling journey and epic payoff to climb the highest volcano in North America - Pico De Orizaba. Jeven Dovey and friends Carlos Bonilla and Seth Redden, summited the 18,491ft volcano - the highest volcano and third highest peak in North America - on March 10 with tour guide Mike King from RMI Expeditions. After a 12-mile jeep ride from the valley floor to camp at the Piedra Grande Hut, perched above 14,000ft, the incredible 11-hour journey begins. The group make their way through the mountain’s rocky terrain to the toe of the Jamapa Glacier, climbing the glacier’s ice and snow slopes to Orizaba’s summit. Without the snow which settled overnight, the group would likely have had no choice but to turn back, as the blue ice below would be too treacherous to risk their lives.
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Location: Puebla, Mexico
  • Date Acquired03-27-2018
  • Date Filmed03-10-2018
  • OrientationHorizontal
  • Footage TypeGoPro
  • Rights TV & Digital, Commercial, Publishing

Journey To Reach Highest Volcano In North America


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