Daughter Surprises Mom With News She's Moving Home

A beloved mom was brought to tears when what she thought was going to be a pregnancy announcement by her daughter was actually the news she was coming home after 10 years living away. Knowing the news would be life-changing for her mom Deborah, Emily Pieri decided it would be best to tell her in person, planning a big surprise. For the previous decade, Emily had been lived in Oklahoma, for college, and then in Charlotte, North Carolina, while her mom remained in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Emily grew up. Emily knew her mom's greatest dream was to have all her children in one place, and so during a transitional period between her husband moving jobs and Emily starting her own company, she decided it was time to make the move.
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Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Date Acquired07-01-2022
  • Date Filmed08-01-2018
  • OrientationVertical
  • Footage TypeCell Phone
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Daughter Surprises Mom With News She's Moving Home


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